All students applying to university will submit applications via UCAS.  Given the high stakes this can be a daunting process, and so students are supported through the process by a highly experienced team.

Key milestones in the UCAS process

  • Throughout Year 12: students are encouraged to take up taster days, masterclasses and residential courses to find out about the range of courses available.  Through the tutor programme, assemblies and 1:1 conversations staff help students to explore the different types of degree available, the wide range of subject choices and information on finance and other aspects of higher education.

  • Futures Day – June, Year 12: students make a start on their UCAS applications, filling in key information and starting to make choices on courses.  Students are also given key information on how to write a highly impactful personal statement, and taken to the library to explore the personal statement reading collection – an extensive collection of books that have been curated to best support students’ across a range of university courses.

  • September – Year 13: students nominate their UCAS reference writers, typically a subject teacher in their chosen university subject, or their form tutor.  Predicted grades are also issued, these are generated from students’ AS examinations.

  • October – Year 13: students meet with their reference writers for an interview to help inform the reference.  It is important that students give details on any contextual issues that may have prevented them from reaching their full academic potential so far.

  • October 15th – Year 13: this is the deadline for students applying for Oxford and Cambridge universities, as well as applications for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science. Students are supported by the Highly Competitive Course Coordinator, Mrs Lewis.

  • October half term – Year 13: this is the deadline for all other applications – to enable students to focus on achieving the grades necessary to fulfil the offers!

  • October-March – Year 13: students will be receiving offers from nominated universities – students should keep track of UCAS to ensure they meet deadlines for responding to offers, meanwhile students are given advice and guidance on how best to choose “Firm” and “Insurance” offers.

  • March-June – Year 13: students are encouraged to consider making first year accommodation choices, given advice on applying for finance and in tutor time given time to explore how to make the most of life at university.

  • June – Year 13: students take their final A-Level examinations, to determine whether they have met the entry requirements for courses

  • August – Year 13: results day – staff will be on hand to help students celebrate their success in securing a place, and / or helping students either through the Adjustment process (‘trading up’) or in some cases through the clearing process.


Futures Day 2017: