Course: AS and A level

Board: AQA

Entry Requirements: C+ in Graphics, Product Design or Resistant Materials

Course Description




AS Unit 1:Materials, Components and Application

 Based on primarily on Materials and Components and consisting of three sections.

Weighting:  50% of AS (25% of A-Level)

Externally Assessed

2 Hour Exam

AS Unit 2:Learning Through Designing and Making

Coursework may take a number of forms: a simple design and make project, two smaller projects or a portfolio of work.

Internally assessed

Weighting: 50% of AS (25% of A-level)


 A2 Unit 3:

Design and Manufacture

 Based primarily on Design and Manufacture and consisting of two sections.


 2 Hour Exam

Weighting: 25% of A-level


A2 Unit 3Design and Making Practice

Candidates submit evidence of a simple, substantial design and making activity. 

Weighting: 25% of A-Level


The Product Design industry is a rapidly growing area.  It is exciting, innovative and creative with the possibilities for a range of careers.

Courses in Higher Education which lead on from this course:

Resistant Materials:

Product Design

Furniture Design                                              Interior Design

Industrial Design                                             Materials Science

Other areas:

Graphic Design                                                 Art and Design

Computer Graphics

Head of Department: Mr A. Chana