Course:                                 AS and A-Level


Exam board:                       AQA


Entry Requirements:      A*-B in Core and Additional Science GCSE or Physics GCSE, 6+ in Maths, 5+ in English Language or Literature.  Maths A-Level must also be selected.


Course description:


This course looks at the core ideas and concepts upon which most ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ physics are based. Links to GCSE are clearly identifiable, and the ‘step up’ from this level to A-level, whilst significant, is not as daunting as many would believe! Good maths and English language skills, in addition to good GCSE grades in science, are essential in order to meet the demands of the subject.


The delivery of the course includes traditional class teaching, the use of ICT, seminar type groups and practical work.


The course is divided into 3 papers, taken at the end of the second year. A practical grade (PASS or FAIL) is also given based on 12 required practicals, completed over the 2 years.


The three papers for A-level are:

Paper 1 :                              Particles, Mechanics, Waves, Electricity and S.H.M

Paper 2:                               Further Mechanics, Fields, Thermal and Nuclear Physics

Paper 3:                               Practical skills, data analysis and Turning points in physics


Assessment is by written tests for Papers 1, 2 and 3. The final A-level grade is based on performance across the three papers.


Why you should consider this course:


This course is suitable for entry into degree courses such as engineering, geophysical sciences, physics, mathematics, accountancy, economics and computing.


Contact Name:  Mr B Wilkins,