Exam board: Eduqas


Entry Requirements:  A*- C in Media Studies or Art GCSE. Digital SLR camera required.


There will be limited places on the course; prospective students need to show a dedication and interest in photography to be considered. Creativity and imagination when responding to a set brief is a must, as well as the ability to work to short and strict deadlines.


Course Description:

Students will produce online portfolios which will include their photography and visual creativity, plus drawings, art history, camera techniques, thoughts and experimentations centred on their own individual ideas.  It will also show research, planning and explanation, as well as illustrate an understanding of the work of others.


Year 12:


Personal Creative Inquiry (100%)

Foundation Skills: 1 – Landscape/Environment & Composition

Foundation Skills: 2 – Portraiture & Lighting

Foundation Skills: 3 – Personal Inquiry / Self-directed brief.

*AS Photography is a standalone qualification and does NOT contribute to the overall GCE award.


Year 13:


Component 1: Personal Investigation and Contextual Study (60% of GCE)

The Personal Investigation consists of two parts: 1. an in-depth critical, practical and theoretical investigative portfolio and outcomes based on themes and subject matter that have personal significance; 2. an extended written element of 1000 words, which must clearly relate to practical work and contain specialist terminology


Component 2: Externally set assignment – choice of 12 creative briefs (40% of GCE)

Responses are developed during the 8-week preparatory study period. They should take the form of preparatory work/supporting studies which inform the final outcome in the 15 hour exam period.



Why you should consider this course:

The types of skills which the student will develop include:

  • Composition and depth of field including portrait and landscape disciplines
  • Camera techniques – the shutter, aperture & ISO.
  • Digital image manipulation through software such as Adobe Photoshop
  • The use and manipulation of natural and studio light
  • An understanding of the work of other photographers and filmmakers through written annotation



Subject suitability for degree course or future career:

Art, Photography, Graphics, Graphic Design/Communication Design, Media Studies, Animation, Textiles, Product Design, Fine Art, Journalism, Fashion.


Contact name: Matt Williamson, mwilliamson@lampton.org.uk



For extra information on the course, and examples of student work please visit: www.lamptonphotography.weebly.com