Exam Board:                          Edexcel

Entry Requirements:           7+ in Maths. 6 will be accepted where students are able to complete transition material


Course Description:

The course has been reformed and composes of two-thirds Pure Mathematics, and one-third covers Mechanics and Statistics.


Year 12

Pure Mathematics:    Algebra, Series, Graphs, Trigonometry, Calculus, Coordinate Geometry, Radian Measure and Logarithms

Mechanics:                 Kinematics and Dynamics of a Moving Particle, Equilibrium, Uniform Motion, Momentum and Friction

Statistics:                    Modelling, Representations of Data, Correlation, Regression, Discrete Random Variables, Probability, Normal Distribution

Students will be assessed at the end of Year 12 through the AS Level examination, and so will sit a 2h Pure Mathematics exam and a 1h exam covering both Mechanics and Statistics.


Year 13  

Pure Mathematics:    Algebra, Functions, Exponentials, Graphs, Trigonometry, Calculus, Parametric Equations and Vectors

Mechanics:                 Vectors, Equilibrium, Uniform Motion, Work, Energy, Power, Momentum, Centres of Gravity and Friction

Statistics:                    Binomial & Poisson Distributions, Continuous Random Variables, Continuous Distributions, Hypothesis Testing

At the end of Year 13 students will sit two 2h Pure Mathematics exams, and a 2h exam in Mechanics and Statistics.  All three A-Level exams will cover content from both Year 12 and Year 13.





Entry Requirements:           8+ in Maths. 7 will be accepted where students are able to complete transition material

This is a two-year course offering the chance to gain a highly prestigious A-Level. This course is only for the best Mathematics students who have proved their ability to handle abstract concepts in GCSE Mathematics.

Further Mathematics is composed of four modules in the linear course. 50% of the course is the mandatory Pure content. There are then two other choices which could be Further Pure, Mechanics, Statistics and/or Decision Mathematics.

Contact Name: Ms B Shah





Exam Board:                          Edexcel

Entry Requirements:           5+ at GCSE Mathematics

Course Description:

The course is broken down into four assessment objectives. Over the two years, these objectives are taught in different contexts.

The course is relatively new and has been designed to support students interested in studying GCE A Level Biology, Business Studies, Economics, Computing, Geography, Psychology, Business and IT.

Application of Statistics:      Moving Averages, Quartiles,  Dependent & Independent Variables, Line of best fit, Spearman’s Rank, Product Moment Correlation Coefficient

Probability:                            Probability Distributions, Tree Diagrams, Venn Diagrams, Conditional Probability, Probability Notation

Linear Programming:          Simultaneous Equations, Plotting Graphs, Sketching Graphs, Solving Equations, Solving Inequalities

Sequences and Growth:     Compound Interest, Types of Graphs, Indices, Linear and Quadratic Sequences, Recurrence Relations, Arithmetic Series, Geometric Series


Year 12

The above assessment objectives are explored in Social Media, Society, Sport, Clothing Industry and Finance. At the end of Year 12, students complete a project utilising skills they have learnt throughout the first year of their course.

Year 13  

 The above assessment objectives are explored in Creative Arts, Health, Economy, Travel, Environment, Disasters, Engineering.

At the end of Year 13 students will sit two 1h40mins papers, which both allow the use a calculator. The first paper covers the comprehension aspect of the content students have learnt and this is worth 40% of their AS Level. The second paper covers the application aspect the content learnt and this is worth 60% of their AS Level.


Contact Name: Miss R Ahmed (