Course: AS and A2


Exam board: Edexcel


Entry Requirements: A*-B at GCSE Geography, or if not studied at GCSE A*-B in English Literature.

GCSE average point score 40+


Course Description:

At AS level (year 1) you will study global themes, including globalisation and climate change. You will discover how your own actions can relate to the wider world, be it your local area or a country far away. You will study two units, Unit 1 and Unit 2:
Unit 1: Global Challenges ― In this unit you will study a range of topics such as Global Hazards, Climate Change and Future Global Challenges.
Unit 2: Geographical Investigations ― This gives you an opportunity to undertake geographical research, including fieldwork. You will investigate two topics in depth, one of Extreme Weather or Crowded Coasts (physical geography), and one of Unequal Spaces or Rebranding Places (human geography).
At A2 level (year 2) you will learn how the world is contested and develop practical research skills in your chosen area. You will study two units,

Unit 3 and Unit 4:
Unit 3 Contested Planet ― In this unit you will consider five key world issues and in the sixth topic discuss possible technological solutions to the problems:
– Energy Security – Superpower Geographies
– Water Conflicts – Bridging the Development Gap
– Biodiversity Under Threat – The Technological Fix?
Unit 4 Geographical Research ― This will allow you to develop further the investigative skills gained at AS level and prepare you for the demands of higher education or employment. You will choose one topic from these six options:
– Tectonic Activity and Hazards – Pollution and Human Health at Risk
– Cold Environments – Consuming the Rural Landscape
– Life on the Margins – the food supply problem
– The World of Cultural Diversity

Why you should consider this course:
If you enjoy learning about people and their societies, economies, cultures and the environment
If you are keen to learn and develop a wide range of skills
If you are seeking a broad based academic A level that is suitable both for further study and attractive to employers
If you want to give yourself the widest choice of degree and career choice
Then Geography is the A level for you!
Geography has been defined amongst the key “facilitating” or “hard” subjects in a guide compiled by the Russell Group (20 leading UK universities)

Subject suitability for degree course or future career:
An A Level in Geography helps you to access to a diverse range of degree paths – from straight geography to biogeography, oceanography and other natural sciences. Geography can also enable you follow a social science route through university as well.
Geography graduates remain among the most employable graduates, even in a harsh economic climate.
Employment — geographers can go into a wide range of jobs, including:

  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Environmental management
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Retailing
  • Sales
  • Social/health services
  • Teaching

Contact name: Ms A Farrell