Exam board: Eduqas

Entry Requirements:  5+ in English Language or Literature. It is not essential to have studied GCSE Film or Media.


Course Description:

In the first year of study the course consists of three elements – the practical coursework, and then two theory units on US film and global film.

At the end of the first year of study you will sit two exams each representing 35% of your AS grade, and the practical coursework represents 30% of your AS grade

In the second year of study students will go into more depth on their coursework, and will continue their theoretical study of film by examining British Film and Varieties of Film.

At the end of the second year of study you will sit two exams that cover content from both theory units from across the two years of study – each exam represents 35% of your A Level grade, while the coursework from across both years represents 30% of your final A Level grade.


Why you should consider this course:

Cambridge University have endorsed the importance of film and media by beginning a brand new BA in Film. The film and media worlds have an enormous impact on our lives. Television, newspapers, gaming, social networking, films, magazines are all vital aspects of the way we communicate in society today. Understanding how we use, and are used by the film and media, is of fundamental importance in the 21st Century.

After the finance sector, the film, media and creative industries are the largest and fastest growing in London. Employment in the film and media worlds is also richly rewarding, offering variety, constant change, creativity and challenge.

Year 12 and 13 film students have access to state of the art media facilities to do film and edit as part of their coursework. These include over 40 Apple iMac computers running the latest professional standard software, such as Final Cut Pro, which is widely used in Hollywood, and Photoshop, which is the industry standard image software for all creative and media companies. Students have access to a fully lit green screen studio which has been used by industry professionals to train our students.

Finally, Lampton Film and Media Studies students always achieve very well. They frequently get the highest grades of A and A*, with many students in 2016 attaining grade A answers in the examinations. Consequently, media and film are very popular subjects in the school.


Subject suitability for degree course or future career:

In addition to the many career opportunities opened up, A-Level Film Studies may also help you to access a range of university courses in many of the top Russell Group universities: Media, Film Studies, Communication studies, Sociology, Psychology, Journalism, English, Art, Photography, Animation.


Contact name: Mr A Goddard, agoddard@lampton.org.uk