Course: AS and A-Level


Exam Board: Edexcel


Entry Requirements: 5 and a 6 from English Language and English Literature


Course description:


The AS level:

Paper 1: Voices in Speech and Writing:the study of an anthology of a variety of digital and non-literary texts Assessment

Written exam, closed book: 1 hour 30 minutes

50% of AS level

Section A – Creation of Voice: one text transformation response to one text from Voices in Speech and Writing:   Section B – Comparing Voices: one comparative essay question on one unseen extract selected from 20th- or 21st century texts and one text from the anthology

Paper 2: Varieties in Language and Literature: Society and the IndividualStudy of The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald + Othello by William Shakespeare OR Great Expectations by Charles DickensAssessment:Open book – clean copies of the prescribed texts can be taken into the exam.

Written exam: 1 hour 30 minutes

75 marks, 50% of AS level

The A level:

Paper 1:  Voices in Speech and  WritingThe AS Anthology PLUS  a modern drama text such as Streetcar Named Desire studied at A22 hours 30 minutesOpen book – 40% of total A level


Paper 2:

Varieties in Language and Literature: Society and the Individual

Comparative essay on the texts studied at AS level

PLUS an essay question on  Unseen Prose Non-fiction Texts on the same theme


2 hours 30 minutes

Open book –  40% of total A level




PLUSCoursework assessment: Investigating and Creating TextsStudents study a chosen topic (free choice) ● two texts relating to their chosen topic; one fiction and one non-fiction text. They produce two pieces of creative writing plus a commentaryInternally assessed – 20% of total A-level


Why you should consider this course:

The knowledge gained of a range of literary and linguistic approaches and applications complements study of other subjects at A-Level while also preparing you for the rigours of English studies at degree level. This is recognised as a demanding academic subject by both universities and future employers in areas such as teaching, public relations, social work and research. Did you know that Joan Rivers, Renee Zellweger and Stephen King are all English graduates?


Contact Name: Ms B Helgadottir,