Exam board: Eduqas

Entry Requirements: 5+ Drama, 5+ in English Language or Literature

Why you should I consider this course?

This exciting and challenging course helps you to develop and apply an informed, analytical framework for making, performing and interpreting and understanding drama and theatre.  This course enables you to communicate your interpretation of text through performance and drama mediums such as costume, lighting and sound.

Year 12

  • AS Unit 1: Theatre Workshop

As a first year student, you will get to explore the works of theatre practitioner Antonin Artaud and experiment with surrealist approaches in response to an extract from a play. You will learn about various drama mediums such as costume, lighting and sound (in keeping with Artaud’s ‘total theatre’) and put on a production that will be shown to an invited audience.

  • AS Unit 2: Text in Theatre

For this unit you will practically explore Euripides’ Greek tragedy, ‘Medea’ and get the opportunity to apply some of Stanislavski’s approaches to role as you develop your characterisation. This is in preparation for a written examination that will test your understanding of the play and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your creative vision.

60% of the AS qualification is earned through non-exam assessment in Unit 1; 40% through a 1h30m exam covering Unit 2.

Year 13

  • Unit 3 – Text in Action

As a second year student at Lampton, you will get the opportunity to devise your own theatre using the approaches of a celebrated practitioner or theatre company. In addition to this, you will perform an extract from the play, ‘The Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night time’ and attend some advanced physical theatre workshops to bring this powerful play to life.  This unit will be assessed by a visiting examiner.

  • Unit 4 – Text in Performance

You will read and practically explore the play Sweeny Todd using stylized theatre approaches such as Victorian Melodrama and Commedia’ Dell’ Arte, and also a contrasting play of your choice. Your understanding of the plays will be assessed during a written examination at the end of the course; you will have the opportunity to attend a West End performance to help you prepare for the live theatre analysis exam question.

20% of the A-Level qualification is earned through non-exam assessment in Unit 1; a further 40% through non-exam assessment in Unit 3; and the final 40% through a 2h30m exam covering content from Unit 2 and Unit 4.

Past Lampton students have gone on study Events Management, Acting and Drama and Philosophy degrees at university and drama schools across the country.

Contact Name: Mr T Lewis, tlewis@lampton.org.uk