TJ takes the stage at TEDx Youth Hounslow

TJ takes the stage at TEDx Youth Hounslow

In the Sixth Form we encourage all students to value their development beyond the classroom both for the sake of development character and enhancing employability skills.

We emphasise the importance of extra-curricular opportunities and commitments in order to build up cultural capital and develop inter-personal skills such as leadership and team working. We aim to offer a flexible and varied range of opportunities that all students can access in their own time.

“The school has a wide range of excellent extra-curricular activities from which many students benefit, and extremely good opportunities for students to channel their energies appropriately, for example by taking part in activities organised through its basketball academy.”
Ofsted, May 2013


Sixth Form students are an integral part of the basketball academy and serve as players, as well as mentors and coaches to younger students. The Under-18 team has a national profile, reaching the quarter-finals of the National Schools Competition.

Case studyShakir Rahim-Bux


My name is Shakir Rahim-Bux.  My role on the basketball team was to be a leader; to coach and guide students in basketball skills, and help younger students to deal with any other problems that they could affect their progress.


Through my work on the team, I won a Basketball Scholarship at BCC, Massachusetts:  going to the USA was like a new world: it was challenging to be away from my family but a great experience where you’re forced to develop in character and as a person.



In the Sixth Form we expect students to be active citizens: volunteering their time and efforts in support of local, national and international charities.  The school hosts visits from a range of charitable and volunteering organisations – such as The Challenge, Supporting Dalit Children, Comic Relief and Sport Relief.  Sixth Form students often lead activities and are encouraged to be pro-active in campaigning and leading fund-raising across the school.

Recently the Anthony Nolan Trust launched their be Be A Lifesaver campaign at Lampton School with Feltham and Heston MP Seema Malhotra.

Many students volunteer in a number of different roles around the school – for example in the library, in the Special Educational Needs department and with the PE staff. Many Year 12 students academically mentor Year 10 and Year 11 students each Tues and Thursday mornings, giving real benefits to both parties. For some future career choices, this can provide invaluable experience to develop empathetic and social skills. If you wish to volunteer, please look out for opportunities in tutor period, or speak to your Head of Year.


Each year approximately fifty Sixth Form students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh silver award schemes. Guided by PE teachers Chris Salter and Emma Cowing, students volunteer in the local community, develop their practical and social skills, their physical abilities and plan and carry out their own two-night expedition. The scheme has been running at Lampton for over ten years and is incredibly popular.

Activity Week

As part of the Sixth Form’s drive to increase students’ cultural capital, they are given the opportunity to attend a number of trips in the first week back after the end of Year 12 summer exams.

These include:

  • Historical London – a trip exploring the historical stories of London
  • Creative London – students visited the Tate Modern, Southbank and Soho
  • Media London – to Soho and a cinema house
  • University of Sussex and Brighton Beach to learn about personal statements and university life
  • Bankers’ London – a visit to the Bank of England, a tour of the City of London and the Docklands

As part of our continued partnership with the Brilliant Club, thirty students are chosen each year to take part in this programme with a focus on either the sciences, arts or social sciences.

The program involves a launch seminar at Sussex University. Students then attend a series of four seminars from top PHD students to prepare a dissertation on a topic of their interest. This is assessed formally and students then ‘graduate’ in September at Oxford University. In addition the students receive help in their personal statements.

Each year the school employs students at break, lunchtime and after school in a variety of positions – such as the Homework club for KS3 students, in the canteen and pavilion serving food or working the tills, or as lunchtime supervisors. Look out for opportunities relayed via your form tutor, or ask your Head of Year for more information.